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Washington and Lee University – Class of 2018

Major: Computer Science
Overall GPA: 3.74
Major GPA: 3.95

Relevant Courses

  • CSCI 209 - Software Development
  • CSCI 210 - Computer Organization
  • CSCI 250 - Introduction to Robotics
  • CSCI 252 - Neural Networks & Graph Models
  • CSCI 315 - Deep Learning
  • CSCI 211 - Algorithm Analysis
  • CSCI 313 - Theory of Computation
  • CSCI 325 - Distribute Systems (Fall 2017)

  • MATH 221 - Multivariable Calculus
  • MATH 222 - Linear Algebra


Fluent: Java, Python
Working Knowledge: C++, Bash, HTML/CSS, SQL Assembly


Agile Development, Git, KVM, Unit Testing, Linux operating systems, AutoCAD, LaTeX

Work Experience

AT&T Labs - National Security Division

Software Developer - Summer 2017
  • Designed tests to evaluate viability of transitioning to a cheaper Ethernet switch
    • Used Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) to create and manage a VM ecosystem designed to generate traffic
    • Measured sFlow sampling drop rates, ACL down time, ACL load time, and other characteristics of the switch
    • Presented findings to group head which prompted a changeover to the new switch
  • Developed software to facilitate transition between two types of Ethernet switches
    • Successfully converted sFlow metadata to desired NetFlow format by modifying a 5000+ line open source codebase
    • Wrote Python script to allow remote management of Access Control Lists
  • Led team of ten interns in our final presentation to division of 600 members
Software Developer - Summer 2016
  • Created a Java interface for an optical switch to programmatically manipulate switch state without learning Transaction Language 1
  • Designed and developed optical switch simulator to allow programmers to test their code without the need of a dedicated switch

Washington and Lee University

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2015 to present
  • Provide tutoring and test preparation for computer science students
Research Assistant - Summer 2015
  • Wrote programs in Python and Java to aid in the setup and flight of custom built miniature quadcopters
  • Co-created Android app used to visualize output of drone's sensors and controller
  • Used OpenCV in Python to locate a 3’x3’ colored landing pad which triggered an automated landing sequence
  • Used Tkinter in Python to create 3d model of a quadcopter to visualize IMU readings

AirLoom Energy, LLC

Software Engineer - Summers 2014
  • Worked alongside CEO to prototype a quadcopter based platform to generate clean wind energy
  • Wrote unit tests, modeled potential stresses using Autodesk Inventor, and designed testing rigs